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Counseling Practice of Anne Allanketner LPC
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Counseling with Couples


Counseling with couples is an exploration of love. People who are in the bond of committed relationship are on a spiritual path, whether they speak of it in those terms, or not.

The commitment to love the partner and be faithful to their needs as they grow and evolve, is a commitment to the adventure of growth and maturation.

Opening to love in a committed partnership is a complex journey. The challenges along the way are perfect tools for refining the personality. These challenges are not mistakes or signs that the relationship is “failing.”

I assume that both people have tried their best to make the relationship be a wonderful vessel for love. Somehow, a few cracks have opened up in that vessel. Counseling is a time to understand and mend those difficulties. That work leads to individual growth as the couple begins to understand who they truly are, together and separately.

I approach relationship counseling with a deep interest in this evolutionary process. I consider it my job to keep judgment out of the room and to  support curiosity, kindness, mutual understanding and creativity. I look for ways to unblock the natural loving connection between people.

Many couple sessions involve deeper connection, humor and self acceptance. The sessions have an educational aspect and include practical suggestions and assignments.