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Counseling Practice of Anne Allanketner LPC
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I have been in full time practice since 1981. I am licensed as an LPC in Oregon and an MFT in California. My areas of specialization are listed below.

I welcome new clients and I am grateful for a wide diversity of cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, philosophical outlooks, ages and life challenges in my private practice.

I view my counseling work as an opportunity to learn from and with my clients, as well as to counsel and teach.


Loss and transition- counseling people who are navigating major life losses and changes; divorce, death of spouse, child or parent, career losses, health or functioning losses


 Damage from childhood - healing emotional scars from sexual abuse, violence or other early betrayal of trust  


Healing and management of symptoms- of anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, OCD, PTSD


 Relationship counseling- involving communication, sexuality, trust repair, blended families, Post Traumatic Stress symptoms in one or both members,  adult children of addicts or alcoholics, couples in recovery


Creativity and Gifted Development-  counseling people who have the particular challenges related to advanced development of intellect, sensitivity or creativity