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Counseling Practice of Anne Allanketner LPC
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Individual Counseling


Individuals come to counseling with a wide variety of needs. Traditional ways of diagnosing mental difficulties like Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are often a beginning point for an individual’s journey toward a more authentic and empowered life. While symptom management is important, listening to the places that hurt and adjusting life circumstances, attitudes and beliefs are equally important.

My job with each individual is to deeply hear their story and to truly understand their experience. Individual counseling is a method of breaking the isolation and self judgment that hinders growth.

I use a variety of theoretical viewpoints to shed light on a person’s dilemmas. I am open to  revealing the source of my insights. More importantly, I believe that the client has the last word about what is true for them. I offer possible ways of looking at a client’s situations and responses, but only they themselves have the right to decide what is “true” and useful, for  them.

Individual counseling is both pragmatic and relational. I believe that it is useful to explore the details and difficulties of everyday life together. I will offer ideas and suggest perspectives that are based on my expertise and experience. At the same time, my belief about healing is that humans grow and change best in an atmosphere of compassionate connection. The journey of healing is the journey of life. 

There are no single perfect answers. We can learn to cultivate self acceptance, make loving choices for ourselves and leave behind the wounds that hold us back. It takes time and courage to clear the path of unexplored baggage. Individual therapy offers a chance to experience guidance and support on that voyage towards becoming your healthy, authentic self.