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Counseling Practice of Anne Allanketner LPC
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Articles and Poetry                  

  Boundaries and Self Protection with Family and Friends

Boundaries and Self-Protection with Difficult Friends and Family

  How to Pick a Therapist*

This is an opinion piece about the ways to find a therapist whose training and attitude fit your special needs. Not everyone is highly sensitive or gifted, but if you are then the fit to the right therapist is crucial.

  Poem- Holding Your Story

A poem about how to relate to your own history

  How to End a Relationship Well

Specific guidelines and examples of creating a wise ending to a long term relationship or marriage.

  Stable Lifestyle to Calm Mood Swings

This list of stablizing lifestyle choices can be good for anyone. For people with mood swings or  bipolar disorder, these elements can be life saving.

  Social Skills for Introverts

Although half the population is introverted, we live in a culture where extroversion is more highly valued. This leaves introverts feeling socially awkward and straining to "play by the rules" of extroversion. The article is a guide for introverts in how to manage group social life with a lot less strain.

  Why Couple's Counseling When Your Child is in Therapy?

Couple's counseling can seem like an added strain when your child is already in therapy. Financially and emotionally many parents have trouble adding in another session. When you understand the strategy and reasoning, it is easy to see that a few couples sessions may save you money and emotional turmoil as well as upgrade your ability to create a nourishing home environment for your whole family.